Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Build Customer Confidence with Testimonials

If a business has happy customers and a lot of return clients, it should have testimonials. You wouldn't hire a contractor to remodel your house without checking references. Therefore be proud of the work you do and get some testimonials. Customer testimonials will help increase sales as well as boost the confidence of potential customers.

In order to have testimonials work for you and increase clientele, you must be careful how you phrase them. Testimonials are a marketing effort, which means that they need to be geared toward making your company look spectacular. Testimonials will not only improve your business, but will also improve your company's image as one that values customer satisfaction. So make the effort to get some strong testimonials. Carefully place these testimonials to get maximum customers confidence. Here are some tips regarding placement of testimonials.

Eye-Catching Locations to Place Testimonials:

1. Once you have the testimonials, you need to figure out where to put them on your site. Placement is key, particularly when using flash. You want your testimonials to give maximum impact. The most common place on a website is for them to have their own navigation button titled either "Testimonials" or "Rave Reviews". This way more testimonials can be viewed on their own page.
2. Another option is to use flash testimonials on a sidebar on the homepage along with the customer's name, job title and company or logo. If you are using the testimonials in the masthead, they should rotate every 7-10 seconds then stop after all testimonials are shown. You don't want a testimonial to be so distracting that it takes the emphasis off of the content and what you are selling or offering. By having the flash cycle stop, you are allowing viewers to see the testimonials and then freely look at the content without the excess flash.
3. An alternative way to present testimonials is to sprinkle them throughout the site, highlighting them within the content using graphics, such as a color block background, upper and lower bar, etc. These visual stops are equally effective in reinforcing your credibility and can act as an additional selling point for specific products or services.
4. If you have the option for audio or video testimonials, this can be very effective in boosting your company's credibility. Audio is easy to record using Audio Acrobat. Video, on the other hand, requires more thought to positioning and angles. If you are at a trade show or with a client, you may want to pre-plan these testimonials for more impact.

Remember that in order for a testimonial to be effective, it needs to be specific, believable and placed in a credible location. With these tips in mind, your testimonials will build customer confidence and web success.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tips How to Invite Visitors to Your Blog

Give good time for your valuable blog readers by writing quality interesting original content, if you have more to write, its not necessary to write only technical content, you can very well write you experience in the related field and share your good and bad experience on the fields you like and involved.
(1) For the start, choose catchy titles and interesting titles, which is valuable and should be unique.
(2) Don’t urge by adding blogs by count, write few good blogs and gradually increase the count, you obviously will increase your blog posts when you see comments from your loveable visitors in future.
(3) Select or think topic on problems vs. solutions, and write your experiences and thoughts and ask for comments and add their valuable ideas towards your blog, this will create pillars for your blog.
(4) Don’t use too much of images like banners in blog, since blog is only meant for content and make your visitors to read your valuable write-ups, of course you can add your photo.
(5) Take your blog readers to a casual mood when reading your contents and make them interested to visit you again and again, help them by adding a feed reader or bookmark so that they can easily add, don’t make your visitor strain.
(6) Focus on navigation links so that your visitors can easily access your blog and can move from one post to another post.

Is it possible to follow above points? I try to keep these points in my mind but some times i miss :), bust follows these things and be a successful blogger, Good Luck.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sale of Yahoo to Microsoft Imminent

After months of stop-start negotiations, Microsoft are now closer than ever to their goal of acquiring Yahoo.
The latest breakthrough came following Yahoo’s settlement this week with ex AOL chief and billionaire investor Carl Icahn.
Mr Icahn, who controls approximately 5 percent of the company with his ownership of 70 million Yahoo shares, has been a big supporter of the merger with Microsoft, going so far as sending Yahoo stockholders an open letter urging them a deal with Microsoft would be in the company’s best interests:
“Yahoo’s search business is in a precarious position and it needs to join forces with Microsoft to compete with industry leader Google Inc.”
Icahn’s letter stated.
“Google is going to put in billions and billions of dollars, and where’s Yahoo going to get that money?”
Mr Icahn’s letter also pushed for Yahoo’s Board of Directors to step down, including Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang. A joint restructuring proposal from Icahn and Microsoft was sent to Yahoo board members on July 11, with the company given only 24 hours to accept or reject it.
At first Yahoo board members resisted the proposal, but Monday saw a settlement between Yahoo and Mr Icahn that ended the proxy contest. The settlement included an agreement for one board member to step down, Mr Icahn to be appointed to the board and for eight other board members to stand for re-election.With Yahoo pushing out their 2nd Quarter financial results late yesterday and a more pliable Yahoo board set to be elected at the company’s annual meeting on August 2, it appears that the announcement of a deal with Microsoft is imminent