Thursday, July 3, 2008

Keywords have close contextual relationship to other Keywords

For those of you interested in the study of "semantics" or Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) as it relates to which keywords have close contextual relationships to other is an interesting experience.Check out a brand new Search Engine called Not only does it use LSI but it even displays the evidence of how your search word shave other words relating to them. Unlike keyword-based search, that returns too many "irrelevant results," Quintura often finds what your looking for with one merely one click. Enter your search term. It displays a "cloud" of results. The size of a word shows its significance in relation to the query.The larger a word is, the stronger the contextual relationship with your query. The smaller the words appear the less related they are. Now place you mouse over each keyword in the cloud and see how your SERPs change. You may find what you're looking for visually with just one click. Click on any word in the cloud to change your query and get relevant results that will comply with your new query. Visit and give it a try.



Posted by Ifza Mumtaz

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